Within our specifications we incorporate resilience measurers, providing our clients the option to build back better. Understandably in most cases this will come down to cost, but the off-set cost against less resistant items balanced against disruption costs for any future occurrence will certainly be beneficial for both the policyholder in reducing the impact and the insurer in managing financial loss.

  • Pre-Loss Survey: Resilience surveys of properties or sites are essential to future proof against potential future insurance losses. Our survey will provide a holistic overview of the site, identify potential defective and risk areas, and provide an overview of solutions to provide resilience in reducing or removing the risk of damage to either property or sites.
  • Post-Loss Survey: Following a loss either as a result of storm, escape of water or fire, the causation of the peril that has led to damage to the building fabric is identified via a detailed inspection, options are prepared to either remove the defective area all together or provide a solution that significantly improves the risk of damage to the building fabric in future events. A holistic approach to the property or site is carried out reviewing single solutions or multiple solutions that work in tandem to provide the best technical solutions.
  • Post-Loss Specification: Following a pre or post loss survey a consultation process is carried out to agree the preferred solution, this solution is then developed into full working designs with budget costs. At this stage any statutory requirements are identified and action such as planning prior to works being implemented. The procurement of agreed resilience works can be undertaken in a number of avenues to best suit our clients needs and Brawdia are able to co-ordinate and monitor works by an appointed contractor, whilst advising and implementing any necessary contractual agreements with a building contractor for the works.