We provide a comprehensive range of building surveying services for the insurance industry and commercial property industry across the UK and Ireland. Our building surveying services are outlined here and provide a range of expert analysis, knowledge and solutions to diverse property scenarios. 

Services include technical due diligence which is vital for successful property transactions, defect analysis for specific concerns and project monitoring for clients including tenants, purchasers, funders, banks, PFI funders and end-users.  

Our surveying services ensure the best outcomes for all stakeholders. 


We work with both tenants and landlords to assess, cost, negotiate and agree dilapidations claims.

We deal with dilapidations issues across a broad range of property types – from a single floor to portfolios of hundreds of properties.  

Our dilapidation services include assessments of potential dilapidations liabilities, negotiation of dilapidations disputes for landlords and tenants, lease interpretation and advice, expert witness opinions. 

Dilapidations Brawdia Building Consultancy

Expert Witness

We offer independent, reliable and expert advice to resolve building and property related disputes. We have made legal representation as Expert Witness under CPR Part 35 and acted as a single joint expert or on individual appointments.

We will act on behalf of insurers, private clients, developers, freeholders and home owners.

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Project Management Brawdia Building Consultancy


We have knowledge and experience in dealing with listed buildings and historic properties. Our main area of coverage is London, Midlands, East and south east of England.

Our services include building surveys, building pathology reports, specification of repairs, project management and insurance claims of historic/listed buildings and structures. We can also act as a consultant and advisor for gaining listed building and conservation area consents from local authorities.

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retail sector Brawdia Building Consultancy

Planned Preventative Maintenance Schedules

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Project Co-Ordination Brawdia Building Consultancy

Party Wall

We have expert knowledge and understanding of the Party Wall Act 1996 and act as party wall surveyor for building owner(s), adjoining owner(s) and as agreed surveyor in England and Wales. We have made legal representation for insurers and to County Courts and Tribunal, where we have offered our expert advice to resolve neighbourly disputes and party wall matters.

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Project Monitoring Brawdia Building Consultancy

Defect Analysis

Defect analysis reports are produced for property stakeholders who have concerns about a single or number of defects to a property.

Examples could be cracks on walls, roof problems, damp penetration, condensation or subsidence. We can inspect a property, identify the seriousness of the defect, and produce an analysis report including photographs on the reasons for the problem and propose the best solutions with repair cost estimates.

We can arrange and manage remedial work too, ensuring the required repairs are done correctly and avoiding costly mistakes. 

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Defect Analysis Brawdia Building Consultancy

Technical Due Diligence

Technical due diligence is the structured review, analysis, investigation and gathering of information about the physical characteristics of a property and/or land.

Put into a technical due diligence report, these can be used by a prospective buyer, occupier or financer to make an informed assessment of any risks from a technical perspective.

The process can identify any defects, damage or deficiencies that could impact on the asset’s value or the safety of occupants in the short, medium and long term. 

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Technical due dilligence Brawdia Building Consultancy

Value At Risk

The right level of insurance cover is a key element of your risk management strategy, whether you’re a property owner, occupier or investor.

We are experts in reinstatement cost assessments. We help clients avoid being under-insured, which would put them at risk of potential losses in a claim and ensure they do not pay too much if their property has been over-insured in the past. 

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Reinstatement cost assesments Brawdia Building Consultancy


We offer advice on all aspects of subsidence and insurance claims related to our expertise. We advise insurers, loss adjusters and policyholders regarding technical and engineering aspects of building damage and subsidence claims.

Services include specific defect surveys focused on a particular area of a property to assess the seriousness and extent of movement, initial appraisal reports, remedial works, precision monitoring of structures and surrounding land detailed post-investigation reports and design and project management of remedial works. 

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Subsidence Brawdia Building Consultancy