We can assist in developing project management briefs and then select, appoint and co-ordinatthe project team. Having a deep knowledge of the standards, systems, processes and technical matters of insurance related work. Also, we have the leadership and communication skills for negotiations, conflict resolution and strong team morale. Clients have total confidence in us. 

Cost Consultancy

Our cost consultancy works alongside the project team providing cost certainty to stakeholders and ensuring successful delivery. We manage any change throughout the project and keep the stakeholders informed of cost change and any foreseeable risks accounted for. We have a large data pool of costs to ensure accuracy in reporting to stakeholders.

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Project Management Brawdia Building Consultancy

New Build & Refurbishment

Project Management requires a proactive and hands on approach with all parties involved throughout the project process. Any aspects of the project not controlled effectively can have cost and programme delays. We ensure projects are ran effectively, within programme and budgets whilst managing the expectations of all stakeholders.

Our Chartered Surveyors have a vast amount of experience and the right skill set to manage a successful project throughout the UK. Working within commercial, industrial, leisure and retail projects in both new build and refurbishment projects.

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Office Brawdia Building Consultancy

Construction Design Management

Health and Safety starts at the implantation of the project and goes on after the project. Brawdia ensure a project is ran efficiently and cost effectively and coordinating Health & Safety with the project team. Brawdia have experience and provide services as a Principle Designer in commercial, industrial and leisure sectors and ensuring the Health & Safety legislation is adhered to by all parties.

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Technical due dilligence Brawdia Building Consultancy

Project Co-ordination

Highly experienced and qualified, we are experts in coordinating projects with other professionals to ensure all works are completed efficiently, in compliance with quality and regulatory standards, and with minimum disruption.

Key elements include clients, contractors, design, procurement, planning, budget, project lifecycle, quality and financial controls, document management, contract administration, commissioning completion and handover, and managing defect periods. 

We can also plan, manage and coordinate health-and-safety requirements under CDM Regulations 2015. 

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Project Co-Ordination Brawdia Building Consultancy

Project Monitoring

Project monitoring focuses on protecting the client’s interests by identifying and advising on the risks associated with acquiring an interest in a development that is not under their direct control. Project monitoring is also known as development monitoring or acting as the bank, funder or tenant’s surveyor. 

We offer project monitoring to a range of client types including funding institutions, which acquire development schemes as an investment on completion, tenants or purchasers committed to leasing or buying a property upon completion, development finance companies, grant funders, PFI funders and end-users. Project monitoring considers the developer and its chosen design and construction team’s performance in a pro-active and timely manner, keeping the client informed to make the best decisions.

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Project Monitoring Brawdia Building Consultancy